A night guard is a device that is designed to help prevent the grinding of teeth at night. The main reason you wear one is to protect your teeth and ensure they don’t become damaged, as this can happen while your mouth tries to grind down on hard surfaces like teeth.

 Why should you wear a night guard

Here are some of the reasons I advise you to wear a night guard;

i) Teeth grinding and clenching can lead to injury

One of the main reasons I would advise you to wear a night guard is that this can lead to terrible problems like broken or chipped teeth. If your teeth grind together all night long, they will become chipped and damaged. This also opens up your mouth for other dental complications, as it becomes easier for food particles and bacteria to get into your gums, which is bad for oral hygiene.

ii) The pain of bruxism

Another reason you should wear a night guard is that the teeth grinding causes pain for most people. When your teeth grind, they cause pain after every session, which can become very painful. After a while, you will also experience headaches during the day because of this problem of grinding teeth.

iii) Grinding is not normal

Another reason I would advise you to wear a night guard is that grinding your teeth at night is usually not normal and is caused by stress and anxiety, which should be treated first before considering anything else. Teeth grinding can also cause ear aches, so that’s another primary reason you should consider wearing a guard.

iv)To prevent snoring

Night guards help position the teeth and jaw, allowing air to pass through easily. Snoring is often caused by problems with the airway, and wearing a night guard can help open up the air passage, preventing snoring.

v)Better sleep

Another reason you should consider wearing a night guard is that it helps you sleep better. Unlike grinding the teeth, which can wake you up multiple times in the night, wearing a guard will ensure you sleep well as your jaw and teeth are protected from damage.

What to consider

When you’re about to go out and buy a night guard, you must pay attention to ensure you have the correct device. Here are some things you should keep in mind when purchasing a night guard;

i) Materials

Night guards are made of different materials, but most are made of plastic, making them easier to mold into different shapes. You must always check the material before buying your night guard as they can be very uncomfortable if made from something that causes irritation or itchiness.

ii) Size of your mouth

There are different types of night guards made for other-sized mouths. A suitable device fits appropriately with your mouth and makes breathing easier.

iii) Comfort

The discomfort caused by the night guard you wear at night can be a big problem and make you not want to wear it. Try to find a device that’s not too bulky and easy for you to get used to wearing before sleeping. It would be best if you got used to wearing it before using it, as this will make you feel more comfortable with it in the long run.

iv) Price

Another thing to consider when choosing a night guard is the price, as you want to ensure you pay a fair price for a good product. There might be cheaper options if the price is too high and the product isn’t that great.

How night guards help with dental health

When you’re wearing a night guard, it makes it easier for your teeth to rest in their proper positions so that they can all align again and begin moving in the right direction. The problem is that all these teeth grinding can cause damage to the tooth enamel, so wearing a guard will ensure your teeth won’t get damaged, unlike if you didn’t wear anything.

Who should wear a night guard

If you snore or grind your teeth, I recommend getting a night guard. This problem can lead to severe damage, and you can avoid it by wearing a night guard.

In conclusion, you should consider wearing a night guard to prevent teeth from grinding and makes it easier for you to breathe. This will help you to have a night of better sleep and also improve your oral health.

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